Client Testimonials

We find Admiral Baysuites more rewarding for us than buying other condominiums from other developers because Admiral Baysuites has a distinctive design, and fully-equipped at a reasonable price. Admiral Baysuites is situated at the famous sunset Boulevard, and for that reason, living at Admiral Baysuites will bring more pleasure to us. It is certain that it will become a new and perfect landmark in Manila Bay. A known place that will uphold the history, tradition and culture with continuous innovation and development. 

Arvin King
Admiral Baysuites

There are many reasons why I decided to buy a unit at Admiral Baysuites, and here are a few of them: In my opinion it's the best real estate investment in Philippines today, after all the prime location at Roxas Blvd is "the Champ Elyssees of Philippines" and it will never go out of style.


With all the luxury and services including the sunset over Manila bay, the view over the skyline in the evening, I really looking forward to just enjoy what life has to offer.


One of the investor benefits is also to be able to rent the unit out via the hotel, when I'm not personally in Manila. There are many other great benefits too, but these are the ones that came into my mind right now. I just love your country, and I'm really looking forward to spend more time there in the future.

Magnus Soder
Admiral Baysuites

I bought a unit at SoleMare Parksuites for investment purposes, especially because of the future expansion plans at the ASEANA Business Park. It definitely has a nice location that I can tell my friends about.s

James Dee
SoleMare ParkSuites

I read about SoleMare in a flyer, and I decided to get a unit for my son who is going to school near the area. It is also a good investment.

It is a good site because it is near the center of global business. Easy access to many developments in the area is the main factor for us in buying a unit at SoleMare. Definitely, I would refer it to friends because it is a good investment, especially if you are not going to live in it.

Nimrad Carisma
SoleMare ParkSuites

I learned about SoleMare Parksuites while shopping at the SM Mall of Asia, and we bought a unit for business purposes. We also want an investment that we can use for ourselves in the near future, when we get old.

The amenities and good location are definitely plus factors for the project.

Daisy Vullag
SoleMare ParkSuites