Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, visit How to Lease Out to download the complete procedure.


After payment of the RESERVATION FEE, please send us the following original documents immediately:

  • Proof of RESERVATION FEE payment
  • Two (2) VALID IDs with photo and signature specimen


*Cheque / Bank reservation payable to:

Project Name

BDO Bank Account Name

Solemare Parksuites Tower A and B

Posh Properties Development Corporation

Solemare Parksuites Tower C and D

Posh Properties Development Corporation

Monarch Parksuites – Balmoral Place

Posh Properties Development Corporation

Monarch Parksuites – Windsor Place

Posh Properties Development Corporation

Clairemont Hills

Posh Properties Development Corporation

Anchor Sky Suites

Gotamco Realty Investment Corporation

Princeview Parksuites

Nusantara Holdings Inc.,

Admiral Bay Suites

Admiral Realty Company Inc.

Wharton Parksuites

Anchor Properties Corporation

Oxford Parksuites

Anchor Properties Corporation

Mayfair Tower

Anchor Land Holdings, Inc

Mandarin Square

Anchor Properties Corporation


For completed projects, buyers must complete the requirements and settle the required percentage of payment from the total contract price. They can move in after 30 days thereafter.

For on-going projects, buyers must complete the requirements and settle the required percentage of payment from the total contract price. They can move in upon completion of the project.

Freehold (Perpetual ownership) – you own your unit and you can pass it to your heirs. Unlike the Leasehold type of ownership wherein after a specified period like 50-99 years, the ownership will revert back to the developer.

Yes, a foreigner can purchase a unit provided that he/she is able to submit all pertinent documents stated on the Checklist of Requirements.

ALHI has its own Property Management Corporation, Momentum Properties Management Corp., which provides a comprehensive and full property management and consultancy services covering all aspects ranging from Estate Management, Leasing and Facilities Management.

MPMC will manage the property for 5 years as stated in the contract; however, the contract is also renewable (no maximum years, as long as the unit owners want MPMC to manage their property).

Generally, pets like dogs are not allowed by the Administration of the property.  However, some tolerance may be given to “small” pets – small dogs and / or other so long as they don’t disturb the other unit owners.
Having pets require responsibility of the owners and full compliance with the rules of the Property Administration and Management.

No, it’s not allowed for safety reasons. Only electric stoves or appliances are allowed.

  1. Membership Fee (forms part of the Condominium Corporation’s revolving fund for the maintenance and operation of the building’s common and limited common areas) - This is a one time payment by the unit owner upon becoming a member of the condominium corp to the project’s respective bank account.
  2. Meralco Deposit (for the electrical utility connection to the unit) - This is a one time payment by the unit owner to the project’s respective bank account.
  3. Electric/Meralco Bill - Paid every month
  4. Water Bill - Paid every month
  5. Association Dues (forms part of the building’s regular operating expenses) - Paid every month.

It is the values of real properties which can more or less approximate the present fair market values of real properties as basis for computing the Property Tax (capital gains tax, documentary stamp tax, estate tax when the property is sold or transferred). It is highly dependent on the area where the property is located.




Zonal Value per Square Meter

Roxas Boulevard

P52, 000.00 / sq.m. (as of March 2004)


P17, 000.00 / sq.m. (as of November 2003)


P33, 000.00 / sq.m. (as of April 2008)

San Juan

P42, 500.00 / sq.m. (as of March 2004)

West Makati

P42, 500.00 / sq.m. (as of June 2010)


For washing of clothes, units in several projects have provisions for washing machine / dryer installation.  However, for laundry wire – in the balcony specifically (or in any other common areas) is strictly prohibited.