Anchor Skysuites Construction Update for September 2013
Sep 27, 2013

As of 27 September 2013, the overall accomplishment of Anchor Skysuites is at 90%. The accomplishment of the general contractor, on the other hand, is at 95%.
Architectural highlights include: the completion of macrowall from the 9th to the 56th floor; installation of aluminum glass doors, windows and balcony railings from the 9th floor to  the 55th floor; installation of doors and door jambs from the 9th to 46th floor; installation of shower enclosures from the 9th to 42nd floor; installation of toilet and bath accessories up to the 30th floor; painting preparation and first coating was completed from the 9th to 55th floor; second coating was completed from the 9th to 41st floor; installation of bedroom closets from the 9th to the 36th floor; installation of kitchen cabinet and countertop from the 9th floor to the 52nd floor; and 80% overall accomplishment of the 2nd coating of the building exterior.
Anchor Skysuites had its topping off ceremony on 1 December 2012, Saturday.
The target completion date of the project is in 2013.