Anchor Skysuites Construction Update for July 2013
Jul 31, 2013

The overall accomplishment of Anchor Skysuites is at 87% while the accomplishment of the general contractor is at 97%.
The following are the highlights of the accomplishments of the general contractor in the past month: casting of various RC walls with a total volume of 27.0m3; casting of various beams, girders and slabs with a total volume of 71.0m3; and casting of curbs and islands, parapet walls with a total volume of 35.0m3. The total volume of concrete casted during this period is 133.0 m3.
The volume of concrete casted during this period includes the following structures: casting of alimak 3 & 4 block-out, GF Mezzanine to 49th floor; casting of parapet wall along Ongpin St., 4th to 6th floor; casting of drop wall at 31st and 56th floor; casting of curbs and island at 6th and 7th floor; casting of tower crane 2 block-out, 42nd to 55th floor; casting of suspended slab at the ground floor; casting of RC wall at the 8th mezzanine game room.
Anchor Skysuites had its topping off ceremony on 1 December 2012, Saturday.
The target completion date of the project is in 2013.