Monarch Parksuites Construction Update For June 2016
Jul 18, 2016

As of June 30, 2016 the Monarch Parksuites is 76.76% completed. During the past quarter, the construction is in full blast dealing with its Architectural Phase. The fit out work for the Lobbies and Hallways started this quarter. Second coat painting works is at 5th floor Windsor Place, 3rd floor Windsor Suites, 7th floor Balmoral Place and 3rd floor Balmoral Suites. Cabinetry installations are done until the 11th floor Windsor Place, 5th floor Windsor suites, 11th floor Balmoral Place and 5th floor Balmoral Suites.

 The most significant accomplishment for this quarter is the interior fit out works for the indoor amenities. For the outdoor amenities the basketball court is partially completed, while the waterproofing works for the swimming pools are ongoing.

People walking by the site can see the ongoing installation of glass windows, doors and balcony railings.