Pile cap Installation
Monarch Parksuites Construction Update for March 2014
Mar 31, 2014

The month of March 2014 saw our contractors Datem, Inc., MSTN Corporation, and Hypro Construction and Development Corp. accomplishing ongoing works at the Monarch Parksuites site in the Bay City.
Datem Inc., our general contractor, already began general construction works. They are currently installing rebars and concrete pouring of pile caps, installing footing tile beams, retaining wall and pressure slabs at corners, and conducting structural excavation.
MSTN Corporation is almost complete with the pile driving works.
Hypro Construction and Development Corp. accomplished about three-fourths of sheet pile driving and excavation works. Currently, Hypro is relocating the fence at Diokno Boulevard side road.
Construction of Monarch Parksuites is on track and on schedule. For more information on Monarch Parksuites and the Bay City, please visit