Princeview Parksuites Construction Update for 2017
Mar 31, 2017

As of March 31, 2017 the Princeview Parksuites is 63% completed, for the concreting works casted floor is up to Machine Room and ongoing formworks and rebar works at Service Deck ,CHB laying is at 33rd & 34th Floor and Plastering Works at 27th Floor. Prefixed precast at 40th floor, post fix precast at 39th floor and installed Aluminum Window framing and Glass are at 22nd floor and 18th Floor respectively.
Tile works are ongoing at 11th floor, installation of door jambs at 27th floor, installation of ceiling frames are at 23rd floor and ceiling board at 9th Floor. Painting Works are on-going at 18th Floor.  Mock-up Floors will complete this April 2017. Basically the unit owners can see that the architectural works are ongoing at 9th to 34th floor.