Noted luxury property developer aims for greater heights in the coming year
Anchor Land Gears Up for 2016
Nov 06, 2015

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Initially, Anchor Land’s target market was toward the Filipino-Chinese community, but given the potential in their developments, they eventually expanded their market to Filipinos who simply want to experience luxury condo lifestyle in the metro.

One of the key principles in their projects is to create a more vibrant City of Manila by fusing traditional elements into modern architecture with their lavish condominium buildings, incorporated with age-old feng shui traditions and with those principles also began a wonderful venture that remains outstanding to this day. The first living testament to their unparalleled excellence is their maiden project, The Lee Tower in 2007, which was sold out within 9 months after it was launched, and finished promptly and even ahead of the projected deadline. The success of this project was briefly followed by numerous developments around the vicinity as Anchor Land strives to focus more on the said area.

Their other equally captivating completed projects are Anchor Skysuites, Clairemont Hills, and Wharton Parksuites, which were likewise completed on time without sacrificing any of the trademark Anchor Land quality. The execution of their business plans gained local investor confidence as well as international attention from different award-giving bodies—one of the most prestigious is a spot in Forbes’ List of 200 best companies in Asia with capitalization under $1 billion. Truly, with credentials such as this, Anchor Land is a gold standard in luxury condos.


Anchor Land 2015 and Beyond: Still a Paradigm of Excellence


As one of the fastest growing developers in the real estate industry, much is required from Anchor Land Holdings in meeting its clients’ expectations. And so far, the real estate company has successfully fulfilled these in the short duration since their establishment as a company, and has continued delivering their unwavering commitment in giving us the best of the best in real estate. Their successes are thanks to their employees’ adherence with their core values of 100 percent commitment to excellence, quality customer-centered service, prompt deliveries of their projected turnovers, and overall top-quality projects.


In 2015, much-awaited turnovers are set to happen, including that of the 53-story Admiral Baysuites, then the following year will see the opening of Admiral Hotel. It also boasts a white-glove service normally experienced only in exclusive clubs, with an array of amenities that complete that “exclusive club in a condo” feel. To top these off, Admiral Baysuites has also won the Best in Interior Design at the Philippine Property Awards 2013, and the Best in Luxury Condo Development in Manila in 2014. These further proves the claim that a unit in this luxury condominium complex is one of the best acquisitions in the Metro, almost akin to that of a property in Forbes Park. Admiral Baysuites is definitely something we can all look forward to in the following year.


Another development everyone is excited about is the luxurious Monarch Parksuites in Paranaque’s Bay City, which is touted to become Metro Manila’s entertainment capital. Situated close to the area’s integrated resort casinos, this project is composed of four 17-story towers named after real English castles (Windsor Suites, Windsor Place, Balmoral Suites, and Balmoral Place) and scheduled for completion in December 2016.


Finally, Anchor Land is excited to announce one of its grandest condo projects in the City of Manila: Anchor Grandsuites. Soon to rise along Masangkay Street in the historic Binondo, this soon-to-be icon of heritage will bear Anchor Land’s signature lifestyle residential components, and also promises to provide the perfect investment for families that seek to celebrate their heritage not only among themselves, but with succeeding generations.