Four of Anchor Land's condominium projects tower over historic Binondo, creating a new skyline that defines the progress of the bustling municipality.
Why Binondo Will Grow Bigger
Dec 01, 2015

More and more Chinese investors have been settling in Binondo recently, making the business environment more competitive than ever. Over the last ten years, more malls, office buildings, and condominiums have sprouted, which further boosts real estate value in the municipality.
As the community continues to grow its population and local economy, so is the demand for better living and working conditions. Most Chinese businessmen, for example, are converting their property into high-rise buildings to meet this demand. The trend is to make the place of work the same place where one lives.
Jojo Uy-Ching, a business unit head of an insurance company, attributes Binondo’s proximity to key facilities and lower priced food essentials as the primary reasons for Chinese investors to want to settle in.
“They (Chinese investors) love Binondo because their place of work is very near their home, churches, hospitals, banks, markets, and restaurants. Almost everything is walking distance,” Uy-Ching affirms.
A Binondo resident for more than 50 years now, Uy-Ching has seen the changes from old houses and low-rise buildings to the now majestic skyline lined with tall condominiums. He noticed in particular the properties of fast-growing real estate developer Anchor Land Holdings. He believes that the company's projects define how Binondo has transformed in the past ten years alone, and where this 3rd district of Manila is headed in the years to come.
Anchor Land currently has five towering condominium buildings in Binondo alone, with two more rising by 2016. At the center of it all is the municipality’s tallest building yet – the stately Anchor Grandsuites, with all of its 63 storeys standing proud along historic Masangkay St.. It is located in the vicinity where a house that Dr. Jose Rizal used to frequent once stood, and where the original transcript of Noli Me Tangere was kept.
Today, Anchor Grandsuites’ state-of-the-art facilities and exclusive amenities reflect what the hardworking Binondo entrepreneurs envision for their families. One unique feature of the property is its His and Hers Health Club at the penthouse. It houses a fitness gym, spa facilities, and a private dining space that highlight exclusivity for its guests and tenants.
With all these modern development in Binondo, there is no doubt that anyone who wants to build a business empire in this historic Chinatown will find this oldest Chinatown in the world as the newest place not just for a flourishing business venture, but for a secure, convenient, and comfortable lifestyle as well.