A White Glove Hotel Experience At Anchor Land's Admiral Baysuites
Jan 12, 2012

MANILA, Philippines - There was a time when only royalty and prominent members of society have access to the special kind of service known as “white glove,” a kind of service that requires painstaking care and attention.

In England, for instance, the Royal Household service staff has been said to be the bastion of excellent service and etiquette, with each member undergoing rigorous training in order to perfect the white glove craft. Undeniably, it is a meticulous service afforded to the privileged few.

This is the kind of service that Anchor Land Holdings Inc. promises with its new development, the Admiral Baysuites. Strategically located by the Manila Bay, the Admiral Baysuites is the rebirth of Admiral Hotel, the landmark hotel that once catered to visiting prominent personalities, dignitaries and royalty. Now, it is being renovated to be a European-inspired luxury boutique hotel and a 53-story residential condominium.

The residential units are located in two separate wings. The West Wing offers spacious residential suites of three to five bedrooms in flat or bi-level.  A very limited number of units, 16 in all, will also have their own private pools right inside their homes.

The East Wing, on the other hand, offers more practical, one and two-bedroom residential suites. A one-bedroom unit covers 33 to 55 square meters. A two-bedroom unit with a maids’ room covers 96.5 to 100.30 square meters. All units are fully furnished with carefully chosen fixtures and equipment, and laid out with a balcony that looks out to a spectacular view.

As a residential address, what makes the Admiral Baysuites special is that it offers the exclusive services of a club right in the comfort of your condominium suite. All  residents can enjoy the harmony of Old Spanish interiors, elite amenities, and six-star white glove hotel grade service. Housekeeping, room service and laundry service are all available for the residents of the property.

Another remarkable feature of the property is its tight security. CCTV cameras will monitor all the common areas including the lobby. Every person who will use the lifts going to the residential floors must have a club access card. The property will have 24-hour security and an advanced fire alarm and sprinkler system.

For inquiries, call 888-9000 to speak to an online sales representative.