Anchor Skysuites: The Highest Building In All The Chinatowns Around The World Has Topped Off
Dec 03, 2012

Anchor Skysuites, the flagship development of PSE listed, high end developer Anchor Land Holdings, Inc., had its topping off ceremony on 1 December 2012, Saturday.

Announcing that the structural works on the sophisticated landmark has been completed. Executives from Anchor Land Holdings, Inc., general contractor EEI Corporation and project manager JAA were present during the event.

“It’s an exciting moment. Anchor Skysuites is an epochal work of art. In terms of height, Anchor Skysuites is absolutely the tallest building in all of the Chinatowns around the world. This is not just an important milestone of Anchor Land, but also a representative work that establishes the international prestige of the Filipino-Chinese community. In the architectural aspect, our partners are all authorities in their respective fields that we ended up forming an international team tasked to build the most luxurious condominium in Philippine real estate history. We saw it as a tribute to the diligent and successful Filipino-Chinese,” said Mr. Steve Li, vice-chairman and CEO of Anchor Land.

Anchor Skysuites is the fourth project of Anchor Land in Manila Chinatown. It occupies the centermost location of this economic hub. In the past few years, Anchor Land has successfully introduced classic projects in the area such as Lee Tower, Mandarin Square, and Wharton Parksuites. All of them have perfectly catered to the tastes of the Filipino Chinese and were tailored to address their needs.

From Lee Tower and Mandarin Square to Anchor Skysuites, there are significant improvements in height, unit layout and overall planning that showed the creative and trailblazer spirit of Anchor Land. Designed by the country’s best architect Albert Yu, Anchor Skysuites offers luxurious and roomy units that are tailor-fit for Chinese families. From 2BR to 5BR units, there are more than 15 different layouts which range from 118.5 to 598 square meters. Every unit has a large viewing balcony, a spacious living area, and natural sunlight coming from at least two directions and ventilation. Aside from this, Anchor Land hired a famous Feng Shui Master from China, who incorporated the new “Scientific Feng Shui” principle in Anchor Skysuites. Anchor Skysuites has the perfect Feng Shui condition. The entire building faces south and all units are rectangular in shape. This makes Anchor Skysuites a best-selling condominium project that attracted a lot of Filipino-Chinese Businessmen.

“The thing that differentiates Anchor Land from others is the guts of the company to adopt bold innovation and to deliver what we promised,” said Ms. Elizabeth Ventura, president of Anchor Land. “In Anchor Skysuites, we worked with the top structural engineers of the Philippines, Engr. Jose “Boy” Sy and Dr. Naveed Anwar from Asian Institute of Technology. They used the code-based and performance-based system to test and evaluate the quake-resistance of Skysuites. The results show that Skysuites can stay steady in case of a strong earthquake, thereby ensuring the safety of tenants and property.”

“In the aspect of waterproofing work, the waterproofing membranes are imported from Italy while the UKUSA waterproofing paints for the exterior wall are from U.K.,” added Ventura. “We also hired Lemmens, the famous aluminum-window consulting firm from Germany to ensure that the windows of Skysuites can provide the most durable waterproofing and wind-proofing performance without sacrificing the beauty. Morevoer, the faucets and shower heads we used are products of Kludi which also imported from Germany. For the amenities, more than 22 kinds of clubhouse facilities will cover 5000 square meters of space. Among them, the 25-meter infinity pool, water café and the cloud reaching sky garden which are surely the unique symbols of Skysuites.”

The completion of the main structure of Anchor Skysuites has brought a new landmark to Manila Chinatown. It again testified the strength of Anchor Land as the no. 1 brand of the Filipino-Chinese Community. An Anchor Land executive said that the construction progress of Skysuites is substantially ahead of schedule, which may come out in early turn-over. Now that Skysuites has only few units left, people should grab the last chance to be a part of this glorious project.

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