The 16-story Monarch Parksuites
Sep 09, 2016

     Monarch Parksuites, a residential property by luxury developer Anchor Land Holdings Inc., is ready to turn over units to its investors by 2017, staying one step ahead of other rising condominium properties in Bay City.
     With Bay City being touted as the next premier business district, as well as entertainment and residential hub, this mid-rise four-lower property presents a large advantage for its investors.
“Bay City is teeming with development projects in the pipeline – from residential to office, to entertainment and leisure.
     This could only mean significant margins for the appreciation of investment value for those who already bought units in Monarch Parksuites,” said Elizabeth Ventura, president of Anchor Land. “They can move in beginning next year and start enjoying the advantages offered by this strategic location.”
    Construction of office spaces show that there is a continuously growing demand in Bay City coming from business investors.
     There are already five PEZA-registered building in Bay City, which include three E-Com buildings in the Mall of Asia complex, and two office towers in Aseana City.
    There is also an increasing presence of luxury hotels and entertainment centers that meet the surging presence of tourists.
    While transients are the main occupants of hotels, businesses are also looking at residential properties for its employees.
     “We have seen this growth potential in the residential market way back 2007 when we developed Solemare Parksuites. Now, with Monarch Parksuites, we are giving the market a place to live in complete with amenities that will treat them like royalty,” Ventura added.
     Solemare was the first to build a residential condominium in Aseana Business Park, while Monarch Parksuites is Anchor Land’s biggest residential condominium thus far with over 8,000sqm of indoor and outdoor amenities.
    Monarch Parksuites has fully furnished spacious units fit for families and smaller units for single occupants.
    The property offers a spectacular view of the bay, with a balcony that will make residents momentarily forget that they are living within thriving city.
     All areas are assured of security 24/7, with CCTV installations and security access cards issued for guests.
     For added security and convenience, exclusive shuttle service is provided for residents who would want or need to go around the Bay City area.
    Anchor Land has yet again delivered another pioneering concept in residential condominiums through Monarch Parksuites.
     Not only does it give investors the kind of living condition fit for kings, but it also provides opportunities for a promising return on investment.