Developing The Path To Luxury Living
by Kim Bernardo-Lokin
Manila Times
Dec 26, 2011

It is said that a great property is a good investment .This is true anywhere in the world, but it holds a deeper meaning for the Filipino family.

Property developer Anchor Land Holdings Inc. knows this only too well, and that is why it continues to give the best dwelling any Filipino family can proudly call home.

Elizabeth Ventura, the newly installed president of Anchor Land, said that they want to be “distinguished as an industry trailblazer that sets the bar of excellence higher at all times.” Indeed, their quest for giving only the best is nowhere more apparent than in one of their newest projects, the ultra-luxurious Admiral Bay Suites, where they seek to transform one of Roxas Boulevard’s oldest and distinguished boutique hotels into a full-service residence that would be comparable with some of the best hotels in the world.

In an interview with The Manila Times, Ventura said that she is extremely excited with their newest and most ambitious project because very few property developers have chosen to embark on a development of this scale. Calling it their “Forbes in a condo”, the Admiral Bay Suites is geared towards a niche market – those who choose “luxury living in the city” to relax and recharge from the hustle-and-bustle of work and business.

Industry observers agree that the company has gone long way from the very first edifice they had constructed in the heart of “Chinatown” in Binondo, Manila. Today, Anchor Land Holdings inc. is considered as one of the fastest growing players in the Philippine real estate industry, specializing in the development of sophisticated and luxurious residential condominiums. Their first project, the Lee Tower in Binondo, built 2006, was a huge success within the affluent Filipino-Chinese community. Riding high in their newfound reputation, the company went public and was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2007.

Anchor Land has since embarked on other equally successful projects, including the Mandarin Square also in Binondo, and the Mayfair Tower along UN Avenue in 2009 which according to Ventura found a niche market among foreigners and Filipinos married to foreigners. The other developments include Solemare Parksuites, located at the ASEANA Business Park in Paranaque City and the Admiral Bay Suites.

In the 2008, Anchor Land was cited as one of only two Philippine companies included in the Forbes Magazine’s 200 Best Companies in Asia with capitalization of under US$1 billion. According to Ventura, this achievement was made more memorable because they were able to outperform the market amidst the global economic slowdown.

Despite the gloom in the world economy, Ventura is optimistic about the growth of their company and the industry as a whole. “There are new millionaires and billionaires also in the Philippines that are very quiet and very conservative, and that would be our niche market,” she said.
“These are clients who can spend, but have real distinct taste on design and layout.” Their focus on detail, she said, is made possible by getting the right people. Since they went public, Anchor Land has been experiencing about a 30-percent growth.

From the latest figures on photos of companies listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange, it seems Ventura’s assumptions are well placed. Recent figures from the PSE showed that while the aggregate profits of companies listed on the exchange fell 10 percent in the nine months ending September this year, consolidated revenues rose more than 15 percent, driven by improved performances in the financial, property and mining sectors.

These days, Ventura and her staff are busier than ever. With the Christmas holidays, inquiries and closing of deals have noticeably gone up. Perhaps many believe that the end of the year is the best time to prepare for new investments. Or it could be that many families are aiming to realize their dreams of owning a truly luxurious home, a dream that Anchor Land is always glad to fulfill.