In photos: ASEANA CITY remains flood-free amidst storm Trami (Maring).
Monarch Parksuites in ASEANA City - A Secure and Flood-free Development
Aug 23, 2013

In this era of strong typhoons that cause flooding in wide swathes of Metro Manila, it is crucial that your real estate property is free from the scare of a flood.
Monarch Parksuites, Anchor Land’s luxurious 18-storey residential development, is located within ASEANA City—a masterplanned, fully integrated green city that is carefully zoned to create a safe and flood-free environment for the luxury homes, embassies, government agencies, offices, malls, hotels, and marinas that will soon rise within it. The careful planning that went into the development of the area includes flood-mitigation measures. These include ensuring that the area has an excellent drainage system in place and has sturdy seawalls protecting the perimeter from storm surges from the bay.
“Since we acquired the lot of Monarch Parksuites in 2009, no kind of flooding has ever affected the area despite typhoons that have managed to flood other places in Metro Manila,” says Elizabeth Ventura, president of Anchor Land. “Ensuring that the sites of all our projects are flood-free is at the foremost of our priorities as a developer.”