Best Interior Design 2014 Winner Divine de los Reyes
Divine Interiors at the Heart of the Bay City
Jun 10, 2014

Anchor Land holds interior design contest for Solemare Parksuites homeowners

Living space, house, and home. Though similar because they all illustrate a type of dwelling, they each convey completely different concepts. A person who describes his or her domicile as a mere living space gives the idea that he or she uses the area in a most fundamental manner and feels little or no attachment to it. A house is almost no different in that the word merely refers to a physical structure and the objects that can be found within it.

Creating a “home,” where inhabitants are emotionally invested in a particular space on several levels, is the goal of every homeowner. In most cases this transformation doesn’t happen overnight as time, resources, and an exploration of personal aesthetics draw out the entire process.

Divine de los Santos, proud owner of a Solemare Parksuites unit in Paranaque City, was initially overwhelmed whenever the idea of designing her flat arose. Acknowledging Solemare Parksuites, luxury real estate developer Anchor Land Holdings Inc.’s first project in the progressive Bay City, for its strategic location, excellent amenities, and the extremely high economic and lifestyle upside, she nonetheless felt that her unit had still yet to become a home.

Divine employed the talents of young designer Byron Tolentino, who worked closely with her throughout every step of her unit’s makeover, in an effort to influence the atmosphere of her unit while demonstrating her love for interior design. Having another pair of eyes when examining aesthetic details is crucial in the redesigning process and, through discussion and hands-on collaboration, Divine was able to describe to Byron the visual story she wanted her Solemare Parksuites unit to express.

“This unit has transformed into a slice of our dream home. Plus, weekends are our time to relax and my husband and I wanted to unwind in a place that is luxurious and resembles a 5-star hotel. Staying at our Solemare Parksuites unit is always a welcome change of scenery. And it’s very convenient to have a weekend getaway place that is beautiful, elegant, and ours,” says Divine.

In an effort to celebrate style and tastefulness while connecting with its clients, Anchor Land recently held an interior design contest for homeowners of its Solemare Parksuites, the company’s first development in the Bay City. Among those that were shortlisted, the unit of Divine bagged top honors, a proud achievement that stands as a testament to her as a discriminating home-maker.

“Like all other Anchor Land developments, Solemare Parksuites units are glamorous homes right at the moment of turnover. Divine’s unit, however, exemplifies the creative, and aesthetic possibilities homeowners can explore in any of our versatile and upscale projects, and how personality can be translated into interior design. I got to know many of our Solemare Parksuites homeowners through this contest – who they are, and what they want in life – and I personally consider this one of the more special parts of my job,” says Anchor Land President Elizabeth Ventura.

Divine’s “modern glam” unit, noted for its sophistication and class, is full of character with intricate patterns, lattice work, and architectural skins reflecting both masculinity and femininity. Other elegant touches include a Venus bust, Damask-patterned wall paper, and an ornate vanity mirror in the bedroom which gives the room an illusion of more space.

Successful in replicating the style and feel of a luxury hotel, Divine now loves the new motif of her Solemare Parksuites unit, and agrees that it is the perfect weekend home where she and the rest of her family can get back to enjoying simple, fulfilled moments in a high-end setting.

 “I considered the lifestyle of the owners. They enjoy simple pleasures but also love beautiful things. I also took note of the façade of Solemare Parksuites – it is stunning and clearly an upscale residential condominium. I wanted to recreate the unit into an elegant space that reflects this characteristic prestige while also resembling a glamorous hotel room,” says designer Byron Tolentino.

Byron also enumerated several positive factors which made designing Divine’s unit much more engaging. Superior lighting, good workmanship, an excellent finish, and neutral color palettes – qualities that all Solemare Parksuites units possess – made his job much easier. Other motifs that Byron believes work well in a Solemare Parksuites unit are “French provincial,” which uses neutral tones, whites, and exudes a rustic sophistication; and “urban industrial,” a popular style among bachelors that utilizes stainless steel and cement finishes in a minimalist fashion.

Design makeover aside, Divine is certain she made a wise investment in Solemare Parksuites. By sprucing it up, she not only increased her unit’s potential value, but also created a home for her family in what is slated to be the country’s newest tourism capital.

“Real estate is always a good investment. But the location is a major factor. We had no qualms about investing in Solemare Parksuites because its location is really superb. It is within walking distance to the SM Mall of Asia Complex and to the Philippine Entertainment City where Solaire is, and where three other world-class casino complexes will be built. Most importantly, we trusted Anchor Land as a developer that delivers what it promises,” says unit owner Divine de los Santos.

On their own and without any interior designing, Solemare Parksuites units still embody a luxurious lifestyle in what is recognized as the next upscale locale in the Metro. Inspired by Venetian architecture, Solemare Parksuites’ elegant interiors and proximity to several key establishments, including airports, lifestyle hubs, entertainment zones, and cultural centers, make it the perfect choice for a second or even a first home.  

Another Great Investment from Anchor Land

Anchor Land aims to consolidate its presence in the Bay City with the construction of yet another high end real estate development, Monarch Parksuites. Anchor Land’s largest residential project to date, Monarch Parksuites is an 18-storey residential luxury condominium on an 18,000 square meter plot of premium land situated at right at the center of the Bay City. Composed of four grand towers each named after English castles, Monarch Parksuites’ prime location establishes itself as a great investment for owners.