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One Logistics
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Location: Taft Avenue, Baclaran, Pasay City
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To further increase the contribution of Anchor Land's recurring income sources to its revenue stream, the company introduced new commercial developments in Metro Manila in 2013.

One of these developments is called One Logistics that commenced construction in the busy Baclaran area in the second half of 2013.
Unlike One Shopping and Two Shopping where Anchor Land leases out retail and wholesale commercial stalls, however, One Logistics will offer office spaces and warehousing facilities to cater to the needs of traders doing business in the popular bargain district.
One Logistics will be a 12-storey building to be constructed in a 1,200sqm lot. It will have a bank and other commercial establishments on the ground floor while the upper floors will all be offices and warehouse spaces ranging in size from 25 to 200sqm.


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